Swiss movement

Despite popular watch brands raving about Japanese movements, it hasn’t been manufactured to the same high-end specifications as the Swiss Ronda Quartz movement has. It may not seem important at first but over time your watch will be less accurate. Considering timekeeping is a watches main purpose, we think this should be non-negotiable.

Your Barrow is powered by a Swiss made movement and you can expect your battery to last up to four years.  

Sapphire Crystal Glass

Most affordable watches use hardened glass, which is fine until you bang it against something and it scratches. Sapphire Crystal, on the other hand, is tough, scratch resistant stuff. For a touch of extra sophistication, your Barrow wristwatch features a domed sapphire crystal face.

316L Steel Case

A solid steel watch case means that the entire watch case is made of stainless, non-corrosive steel. If your watch is only plated in stainless steel, you may find the case back turns black over time from simple everyday wear and friction. Naturally, your Barrow is made with a solid steel case.

Our Leather

Italian leather is known for its durability. Crafted using the best quality hides and tanned using natural vegetable and plant-based extracts to achieve a rich and beautiful patina, that actually gets better with time and use. Most leather is made using cheap, thin hides and dyed using a harsh chemical and acid mix you certainly wouldn’t want to sit against your skin all day.

Barrow has sourced handcrafted vegetable tanned leather watch straps from an Italian leather tannery based in Tuscany, Italy.

We love high-quality leather but hate the thought of the waste, so we've sourced leather that is perfect for watch straps but not quite large enough for much else. 

 Learn about who made your Barrow watch here