We believe in striving for a good, classic life filled with the finest quality.

Barrow was founded by Daniel Felice after a break from the corporate world that spurred the urge to lead to a life of low-tech living. After a six month trip to Italy, Barrow was started from a desire to create, simplify and slow down. 

Barrow exists to provide quality classics in a world filled with overconsumption. We’re empowering our customers to simplify their style and focus on quality basics over seasonal fashion trends. 

There are plenty of brands playing in the affordable watch, jewellery, skincare and accessories space but with most you get what you pay for, poor quality, fast fashion, harmful formulas, that literally won’t stand the test of time. Barrow is a brand of substance. 

Our debut product was the Swiss Movement Modello wrist watch. Featuring a domed sapphire crystal face, beautifully simple dial and handcrafted, interchangeable Italian leather or mesh strap. 

The Barrow collection now comprises of handmade Jewellery using hypoallergenic sterling silver and 18k gold. The Barrow Skincare & Grooming range is 100% Australian made and is formulated using the best natural Australian botanicals. All of our products are simple, yet considered. 

We want to create a positive impact, for you and everyone around you. Our aim is to create a community that chooses not to let time slip away but fill every second with meaning. We are passionately striving to achieve our vision of crafting and curating beautifully simple, high quality and affordable products that our customers love. 

 We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.