For a good, classic life filled with the finest quality.

Barrow was started from a desire to create, simplify and slow down.

Our story is a familiar one, drowning in a world obsessed with over-consumption driven by a need to keep up with the latest ‘must have’ fashion without much thought about the supply chain.

We wanted to jump off fashions exhausting conveyor belt and create conscientious quality, in classic, timeless styles that would last a lifetime. Not a season.


In 2016, we began to design a range of wristwatches that would be loved. This meant they would have to be a timeless classic, so we looked back at famous watches of the past and took components that made those mid-century watches so beautiful and adapted them into a modern, minimalist style that has a finer detail that makes the Barrow Watch stand out among the masses.


When you buy a Barrow Watch you are supporting an ethical supply chain. From warehouse to wardrobe, here's who made your Barrow wristwatch.

Made to Last.

We’re obsessed with finding a balance between quality and affordability so that you won’t be sacrificing your savings, the environment or your next adventure when you shop at Barrow. You can read what makes Barrow Watches so special here.

Thank you so much for supporting our business. We hope that you love our Barrow watches and accessories as much as we’ve enjoyed designing them.

Daniel and Ruth Felice.