The change that Inspired the Barrow Brand

I love working. I love the feeling of creating something. I get so much satisfaction from bringing an idea to life. It’s like playing make-believe, for adults.

Before I had a baby all my dreams we’re attached to my professional life. My five year plan was sorted and I would never have imagined that my perspective on life would be what it is today.

Change is inevitable. Before you become a parent you expect that most aspects of day to day life will be different. I just wasn’t prepared for the level of change I would find in myself.

These are the top five personal changes I’ve experienced since becoming a mother.


I’ve grasped how truly precious and fleeting time is. That beautiful, fragile baby girl I held in my arms for what seemed like an eternity is now running, talking and avoiding my cuddles.


I’ve discovered a love that sits in a whole different ball park to what I felt before. I don’t just mean love for my child but for life, family and people. I find it easier to empathise, forgive and let go.


Snuggling up in-front of the telly is far less common these days. Instead this one time hermit crab is exploring the great outdoors with my little human in toe.


Most changes are overwhelmingly positive, except for the guilt. I would estimate that I spend at least 40% of my day feeling guilty (increase that to 60% on a workday). I feel guilty for being in the shower too long, sneaking a glance at my phone, or spending five minutes alone with a coffee, when I could be paying attention to my beautiful child. Ughh, this is my least favourite part of parenthood.


My recent priority shift has given me an undeniable desire to go it alone. “Why not us” is my new favourite catchphrase. Two years ago Dan told me he was working on a watch design and I told him about the seven million other startups doing the same thing. And, though it certainly is a crowded market I’ve shaken off my nay-say attitude and trust that our design will attract people like you who might be willing to back us and what we stand for.

When I sat down to create a brand that would carry Dan’s beautiful, simple watch design I dug deep to connect our personal story to what Barrow as a brand would become.

Barrow is filled with wanderlust, putting adventure before possessions. Barrow finds joy in small rituals, be it brewed coffee in a Moka pot, long conversations with loved ones, or journaling thoughts. Barrow is empathetic and strives to be better. Barrow is ethically conscious. Barrow believes sarcasm is the highest form of wit. Barrow isn’t a trend follower, it’s all about classic basics. Barrow is reliable, versatile and doesn't try too hard.  

There's so much of us in this project, it’s been a journey of self discovery and we’ve loved every moment so far.

"I'm so happy I learned about Barrow. This watch is perfect and I plan on wearing it every day for years"! 

Mary - New York