Slow Fashion Movement

The slow fashion movement is gaining momentum. The idea behind considered fashion is that by shopping mindfully you can reduce fast-fashion waste, own a wardrobe that costs less per wear and contribute to environmental sustainability.

If you're ready to upgrade your wardrobe to a set of quality, considered pieces follow our favourite fashion bloggers for inspiration:

Exploring Simple

Mary started 'Exploring Simple' in June of 2018 to document her move toward ethical and slow fashion. 

She says of her change " When I started exploring the idea of slow fashion, I was feeling overwhelmed. Like I had nothing to wear but at the same time wasting my money on clothes that either didn’t like that much or were made of poor quality. It was this never ended feeling of keeping up and fashion wasn’t fun anymore.

That’s when I started thinking why can’t my wardrobe be a constant place of things I love and re-wear? Why was I buying things I didn’t even like? That’s when Exploring Simple was born. I started with a simple summer capsule wardrobe. With the goal to not buy anything from June to August. It ended up being the most fun I had style wise in a while. I felt like I was discovering my true personal style".

Exploring Simple Blog

Wholehearted Wardrobe

Kellie began writing The Wholehearted Wardrobe in September 2017 after realizing that years of fastpaced work in the PR industry – including in the fashion and beauty space – had stressed her out, led her to overconsume and kept her hyper-focused on the latest trends.

This blog started as a small space to document her journey to a smaller, more responsible closet, but she soon found a welcoming and engaged community
interested in hearing more.

Kellie Wholehearted Wardrobe

Emily Lightly

Emily started blogging on 'Emily Lightly' when she found she was shopping as a way to compensate for a stressful work-life, thinking 'stuff' would make her feel happier about her career.

A year into a slow fashion lifestyle she says “Becoming more intentional with my closet and my purchases was what finally turned things around. I stopped buying so much, focusing only on pieces that I really loved or truly needed. I decluttered what didn’t spark joy for me. I started taking a closer look at the companies where I was spending my money and their practices, and started to align my shopping habits with my values”.

Emily Lightly Slow Fashion Blog


Barrow watches are advocates of slow fashion. Our timepiece is considered in every way. We only use the best vegetable tanned Italian leather, Swiss-made movements, solid stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass – Every quality material you deserve in a watch because we wanted it to last a lifetime, not a season.

Considered pieces are also versatile, so we thought hard about how we could give you more choice with the one accessory. So, every Barrow watch comes with two watch bands, a vegetable tanned leather and stainless steel mesh. Essentially giving you two watches in one.

Shop watches.

"I'm so happy I learned about Barrow. This watch is perfect and I plan on wearing it every day for years"! 

Mary - New York