Our first Swiss Movement Watch is launching

I’m not a materialistic kind-of-guy. There’s very few possessions I own that really mean something to me. The Tag Heuer watch I got for my 21st birthday the year my mum died. The Tag Carrera my beautiful wife gave me as a wedding gift. And the vintage Rolex Oyster I bought to remind me of my Nona who past away last year. Everything else I own is replaceable.

Men can be notoriously difficult to buy for. As a man (or woman who doesn’t wear jewellery), when you reach a significant milestone you are almost guaranteed to receive a watch as a gift. And so, without choosing to, you become a watch enthusiast.   

For a moment there it seemed like the humble mechanical watch had been replaced by fitness trackers or smartwatches. Thankfully there has been a nostalgia movement in favour of simplicity. One that I am passionately part of.

We move too fast. Obsessed with digital connection and data. When I leave the office, I want to leave the performance pressure behind. I don’t need my phone telling me that I didn’t achieve enough during the day.

To me, the mechanical watch represents more than the time. It represents a priority shift in my life. I spent four months travelling Italy with my family. Slowing down, spending less time worrying about the past or the future and letting go of expectations. For much of the trip, I left my phone at home and relied on my simple watch to tell me when it was time for siesta. That was the happiest four months of my life.

That happiness has changed me and changed my course in life. My wife and I have chosen to take a risk and pursue our dream of crafting beautifully simple products.

Our debut product 'The Modello' is launching on May, 20. The Modello is a Swiss Movement wrist watch beautifully designed with style cues from the vintage trench watch. Featuring a domed sapphire crystal face, Arabic numerals, second hand and an interchangeable Italian leather or mesh strap. 




"I'm so happy I learned about Barrow. This watch is perfect and I plan on wearing it every day for years"! 

Mary - exploringsimple.com New York