Groom's Style Edit

It’s one of the few days in your life that all eyes are on you. It’s easy to underestimate the effort that goes into looking dapper and refined on your big day, it’s not as simple as throwing on a suit and rocking up to the ceremony. The key is using subtle details to accentuate your style.

Here are our favourite Groom styles for your wedding day in 2019.

The Formal edit

In the 2019 Spring issue, The Knot recommended pairing the Barrow Modello Gold and Black timepiece with a dapper double-breasted tux for a ballroom ready swanky affair.


Style Essentials

The Vintage edit

This vintage groom style is perfect for a vineyard setting in Fall or Winter.

Vintage wedding suit

Style Essentials

The Relaxed edit

This relaxed style is ideal for a laid-back wedding at City Hall or for the risqué couple who've chosen to elope.

Relaxed suit

Style Essentials


The Rustic edit

Beach, barn or backyard grooms, this look is for you. Perfect for an outdoor setting, this rustic style is the perfect pairing for a boho bride. 

boho wedding suit

Style Essentials


The Bold edit

Perfect for a glamorous city affair this look is for the groom who wants to add a touch of old Hollywood glitz.

Bold suit

Style Essentials


"I'm so happy I learned about Barrow. This watch is perfect and I plan on wearing it every day for years"! 

Mary - New York