Ethical Brands 2019

The Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Guide has been updated for 2019. If you are on a quest to switch to an ethical, sustainable and ultimately guilt-free wardrobe this might help you choose where to shop.

Shopping ethically means that the real-life humans who make your garments are not children, are not being exploited or in forced labour and are paid a living wage. You can read more about how Baptist World Aid grade a company’s ethical sourcing here.

 Ethical Sourcing List

Sourcing from an ethical brand is a great first step to a guilt-free wardrobe. But paying close attention to the fabrics you choose is also really important for sustainability, the environment and your value per wear. You can read more about that here.

Barrow Watches is passionate about ethical sourcing, we believe that choosing an ethical product doesn't have to cost you more. Simply slow down your decision making, do your research and buy for love not out of impulse.  

You can read about Barrow watches' ethical supply chain here.

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Mary - New York